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Swiss Care Poly Clinic, located in the UAE, is a leading provider of premium healthcare and aesthetic services. Our experienced team is committed to delivering exceptional, personalized care utilizing advanced medical technology. Your health is our priority, and we strive to foster a strong bond of trust with our patients. Experience the Swiss Care difference today.
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Dermatology Services

Our Dermatology department specializes in skin health and beauty. From laser treatments and fillers to Botox and facial skincare, we offer a comprehensive range of services to rejuvenate your skin and enhance your natural beauty.

Dentistry Services

Maintain a healthy smile with our Dentistry services. Our expert dental team provides a wide range of oral health services, from routine cleanings to complex procedures, ensuring your dental health is in top shape.

Laboratory Services

Our in-house Laboratory provides timely and accurate diagnostic tests. With the latest equipment and a team of skilled technicians, we ensure precise results to aid in effective treatment planning and monitoring.

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